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Ticoll Andreiuk is an association of two lawyers, Ellen Ticoll and Gordon Andreiuk, both of whom practise in the area of family law.

Ellen utilizes the traditional model of family practice, assessing each situation to determine the best approach, negotiating a resolution if possible, with recourse to the courts if it is not.

Gordon practises mainly collaborative family law, a dispute resolution process outside the court system, in which the parties negotiate together to reach a mutual, customized resolution with the help of specially trained lawyers. See the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association website for more information.

Our different approaches are complementary. Our clients have a choice, and each of us has the benefit of the other’s perspective.

Unlike other areas of law, family law is not just about dollars and cents. The strong emotions coupled with the change in life style associated with family breakdown can make decision-making overwhelming.

Our goal is to assist you in making the right legal choices at this critical time and to give you the best possible representation from the start of the process through to its conclusion.

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